They trust us as consultants ...

 ept.gif P&T LUXEMBOURG Development & design of a business analysis model for a SOA-styled implementation covering the service provisioning  for mobile products and fiber-to-the-home wholesales offering.
t_systems.gif T-SYSTEMS ENTERPRISE SERVICES Analysis & design information exchange  model in a SOA implementation  with a focus on data requirements for a Product & Service Catalog integration.
t_systems.gif T-SYSTEMS BUSINESS SERVICES  Development & design of a business analysis model for a next generation service provider.
Architectural review of the analysis model to ensure readiness for SOA service design (data model, activity model and process model).
t_systems.gif T-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Development and roll-out of IP-MPLS Global IP Service Offering.
t_systems.gif  T-SYSTEMS
Operating complete re-positioning as an enterprise service provider by building up an entire new IP-MPLS service portfolio.
tmforum_logo.jpg TMFORUM Running advisory services on behalf of the tmforum for tmforum member companies (Service Providers, Software Vendors, ...)
 bbi_logo.png BROADBAND INFRACO Architectural guidance in business and systems transformation project; definition of the systems transformation perimeter and the target IT architecture; identification of key business capabilities in terms of use cases; definition of transformation roadmap; vendor evaluation & strategy; RFI/RFP preparation and evaluation support


They trust us as trainers ...

tmforum_logo.jpg TMFORUM Official trainer accreditation for the core tmforum frameworx
(Frameworx Overview, eTOM distilled, eTOM Implementers, SID distilled, SID Modellers)
Deployment of a cross-departmental training (IT, Engineering, Product Management, Supporting functions) on NGOSS-styled business transformation (70 trainees over five sessions).
t.gif T-HOME / T-MOBILE GERMANY Deployment of an IP transformation training for Product Management & IT staff ( >100 trainees ) distilling the cultural change of business transformation.
uae.gif UAE Armed Forces /
 Center of Excellence
Acquire a systematic methodology allowing to align Business and IT people vision and allowing organization to jump start into a business driven transformation supported by a SOA deployment to support  Network Centric Operations solutions.

Edelweiss Service Consulting principals are certified tmforum trainers

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