Business Transformation with TM Forum Solution Frameworks and SOA, by Serge Garcia, Iwan Gramatikoff and John Wilmes, is one of a series of books that describes how to adopt and apply the tmforum Frameworx (NGOSS).

Today's enterprises are increasingly faced with the need for business transformation: implementing a "next-generation" business model by improving business process effectiveness to attain strategic goals.

But achieving next-generation status requires that enterprises do more than introduce a new IT and process architecture. They must also transform their organizations from being technology-driven to market-driven, recognizing and overcoming challenges to gain:

Effective business processes to help reach strategic enterprise goalsAgile resource management that can evolve as neededEfficient resource allocation to meet expected results

The main challenge for each company remains finding the best path to follow for its own business transformation. Business Transformation with TM Forum Solution Frameworks and SOA is a practical tool that will guide enterprises to recognize and build their path to the next generation model.


"Despite the conceptual soundness of the TMF Frameworks, they remain just that: frameworks. To drive them down to specific implementations that achieve the desired benefits, much guidance is needed, which is what this book provides. Of particular importance to achieving "self actualization", rather than just struggling for "food and shelter", is the emphasis placed on P³LM. This brings about the maturation of the SOA principles from being purely Business Process-focused, to the truly dynamic state required to enable the breakthrough of radically reducing the lead time required for the introduction of new Products and Services into a Service Provider's environment.
P³LM combined with the Business Service approach of modern SOA, and the more traditional techniques such as Use Cases and Enterprise Architecture, provides a very potent mixture for curing the current ailments of existing OSS/BSS Integration implementations. Highly recommended."

Francis Anderson,
Global Communications Sector Lead - Industry Solutions- Software Group Services, IBM

"This book enables the various executive, business and IT stakeholders to carry away a common vision and methodology along the today necessary enterprise business transformation path."

Jochen Hagen,
SVP Architecture and Qualitymanagement - Deutsche Post
Former EVP, IP Business Transformation T-Systems powered by rubinCMS