POWEARCT Consulting was built to assist its customer base in maintaining and improving their competitive advantage. Our offer is comprised of a set of business services in the following key business lines:

Quality Engineering and Business Process Management where the focus is on:

  • The design and implementation of an integrated management system (IMS) where multiple quality and process requirements are considered, and
  • The improvement of the business view before any planned integration in the information system (IS)

Operations improvement Consulting where the focus is on improving the daily productivity and getting a return on investment (ROI)Information Systems consulting where the focus is on:

  • Helping our customers to select the appropriate ERP, and
  • Coaching them during the integration/implementation phase.

Whenever a company wants to reduce its operational costs, minimize its operational risks, raise its business productivity and increase its value chain efficiency, APYDOS delivers the strategic clarity that is required to undertake any operational process rationalization or improvement initiatives.

As independent business and technology solutions provider, APYDOS core strengths lie in defining, integrating, automating and industrializing the companies' business processes with a particularly focus on the operational processes.

APYDOS' solution and service portfolio spans.

  • Business process improvement and innovation
  • Business process quality insurance
  • Application quality assurance and engineering
  • Business and technology consulting

APYDOS' customers are mainly local and global market players of the investment banking as well as telecommunication industry and public administrations.


Found in 2005, Trans Telecoms is  a privately owned Saudi company with headquarters in Riyadh. Having a workforce of over 200 employees, Trans Telecom is fast growing telecom company delivering professional telecom engineering services in 2G 3g NGN, VOIP , data networks, wireless and wire-line networks to major telecoms vendors and network operators.

We specialize in Service Assurance, Revenue Assurance and providing Network Solutions supporting the most recently develop technologies and standards.


LTC International specializes in the business and technology of telecommunications. LTC teams...

  • Provide strategic and operational consulting services to a wide range of telecom and high-tech companies.
  • Support telecommunications service providers as they: implement and improve operational systems and processes; develop and launch new services; plan and implement new network technologies.
  • Work with telecom hardware and software suppliers as they develop and improve their products for telecom businesses.
  • Provide telecom industry advice and insights to industry analysts, telecom-intensive enterprises, legal firms and the media.

LTC has assembled the NGOSS-Applied team of expert practitioners.

NGOSS-Applied is a set of expert services from LTC delivered by a team that includes people who were deeply involved in assessing the business need for NGOSS, in the development of NGOSS. This is a uniquely capable group of knowledgeable and experienced specialists.

Edelweiss Service Consulting experts, Serge Garcia and Iwan Gramatikoff , are member of the NGOSS – Applied team. They contribute with their NGOSS-styled SOA business modeling and implementation experience. powered by rubinCMS