Software Vendors


Your asset is your integrated solution or your software .

Assisting Service Providers to enable a smooth Integration of your solution in their business and systems operating model is essential to enable you to differentiate from your competitor while at the same time be cost efficient.

Edelweiss Service Consulting helps you go the extra mile towards Communication Service Providers by developing a service oriented integration approach:

  • Strengthening your RFP answers and positioning you as a business value driven candidate.
  • Bridging service provider business requirement capturing with your need for clear implementation specifications
  • Maximizing traceability and mapping of service providers requirements to your solution/software business capabilities .
  • Reducing your solution integration tax in the service provider business and systems architecture.

Edelweiss Service consulting leverages the tmforum Frameworx to promote a common business and systems transformation methodology. This methodology enables a business value driven governance of your software solution capabilities to assist service provider in the governance of their business and systems operating model transformation along the 4 holistic enterprise architectural layers:

  • Business layer
  • Information layer
  • Integration layer
  • Technology and application layer

Our extensive experience in communication service provider business transformation in the highly competitive ICT service industry environment is ready to consolidate your position in this market powered by rubinCMS