You are a domestic or multinational company that faces an increasingly competitive environment whereby smart decisions have to be taken quickly. You are constantly inundated with new technologies but your ICT strategy is not meeting your current business expectations:


  • steering down your costs.
  • enabling the higher service level your end users are expecting.
  • supporting your flexibility towards new business models.
  • fast and consistent alignment with your expansion policy (M&A, organic growth) regardless of location.
  • making your employees more productive with higher availability of tools and faster processes.


We tear down the growing complexity of their ICT environment by assessing fundamental business needs and identifying appropriate service models to support their end user requirements. The resulting consolidation and rationalization of current ICT infrastructure allows for improved business process management and cost efficiency.


Edelweiss Service Consulting helps enterprises face the challenge of having more for less. Our extensive experience in service portfolio development and management in the highly competitive ICT service industry environment can ensure your success in achieving this challenge.

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