Enterprise Architecture Deployment


The service providers, systems integrators, software vendors, have realized that maximizing business value and time to value requires standardization and discipline in their operating model. But standardizing business capabilities and IT development requires enterprise architecture to build upon.

With the support of the tmforum Frameworx, enterprise architectures can be designed very efficiently on specific focus areas and thus offer the potential for rapid computed solution development and decreased integration tax.

The real challenge most service providers face today is to find the path allowing to deploy "just enough architecture" (Gartner) while at same time realizing recurring time-to-value through the speed and ease of adding new, and extending old, business capabilities on a standardized service oriented architecture.

Given the outstanding importance of the resolution of this Challenge the Edelweiss methodology provides Service provider and System integrator with a practical toolset to realize recurring Time-to-Value through an on-going deployment of just enough service-oriented enterprise architecture to build a stable and flexible execution platform


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