Edelweiss Service Consulting is launching

an eTOM browser app for Android smartphones.

Download the eTOM browser android app during the tmforum Management World 2011 Conference in Dublin for free!


Convenient app to access eTOM anytime, anywhere

IncludING SID mapping and an advanced search engine 

eTOM, also known as the Business Process Framework, is a common process architecture for Information Communication and Entertainment service industry made available by the tmforum.


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eTOM provides a standard process structure, terminology, and classification scheme for both business and functional processes and has been implemented by hundreds of service providers around the world. 

The eTOM Browser allows you to browse the eTOM process hierarchy or search directly for an eTOM process element.

_op-level-1.png                                   _a-details.png

The eTOM details list the process descriptions as well as the mapping of the process element to SID ABEs. Furthermore, detail screen for the SID level 1 ABEs are integrated and back and forward navigation between SID ABEs and eTOM process elements is supported.

_osr-sid-mapping.png                                    _sid-product.png

Download the eTOM browser android BETA VERSION app for free! powered by rubinCMS